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The History of the Mysterymen

The MYSTERYMEN - mysterious and deadly, gliding through the shadows and fog of night to do mortal battle on the fringes, where civilization ends and darkness begins.

The Mysterymen are a superhero team that first appeared as back-up characters in Flaming Carrot Comics and have since appeared in other titles. They have teamed up with the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles twice, and are now appearing in their own series, Bob Burden's Original Mysterymen, due out this summer.

The Mysterymen project focuses in on the lowest stratum of the Superhero Universe. They are a bizarre collection of oddball costumed adventurers, deemed unqualified for major-league superhero teams because of mediocre, uncontrollable, or nonexistent powers, behavioral problems, or the extreme public outrage at some of their shenanigans.

"...a snappy costume and a cool name is all you need for the Mysterymen, the human cannon fodder of the war on crime. At their peak, The Mysterymen numbered about 30 (The Dirty Thirty), but it's hard to come up with an exact figure on them because of high casualty rates, the highest of any superhero team in the history of the medium."

The Mysterymen still fight on, bold and intrepid, despite all odds and obstacles. They have the highest kill ratio of any superhero team and the highest casualty rate of any law enforcement agency. They are the Dirty Thirty, on a hand-to-hand, eye-to-eye, gut level with crime.

The Mysterymen are harsh, draconian, industrial-strength crimefighers with ice water for blood and a camraderie borne from the constant proximity of danger and doom. They are the new generation, the last brigade... With hearts of twisted iron and fists of stainless steel, the Mysterymen are what studio wrestling was to professional sports.

Find out what happens when ordinary people become superheroes and go tear-assing across a modern, politically correct America!

Available Mysterymen Comics

To the Mysterymen #1 Preview Page

Bob Burden's Original Mysterymen #1

- "Monster in a Shipyard" featuring the Strangler, Metro Marauder, Spleen and monster of unknown origin. Click on the thumbnail for a preview.

To the Mysterymen #2 Preview Page

Bob Burden's Original Mysterymen #2

- The Mysterious Origin of the Amazing Disc Man. Click on the thumbnail for a preview.

To the Mysterymen #3 Preview Page

Bob Burden's Original Mysterymen #3

- More adventures of Screwball, the Happy Hero.