Creator Bob Burden

For someone newly exposed to Bob Burden, the Flaming Carrot, or the Mysterymen, the question arises...Who is Bob Burden? We really don't know who the guy is, or whether he's actually many people who write and illustrate under the umbrella name of "Bob Burden." Certainly, the writing is so varied that this may be so. But for those of you who actually believe that a person called "Bob Burden" exists, the following are the "authorized" materials released about Burden:


Bob Burden: the man, the myth, the MysteryMan behind the Mysterymen! Here you'll find all the facts, rumors and allegations about Bob: in short, all the official release material that frequently sees print!

Philosophy, Poetry & Rants!

A monthly changing tirade of Burden's philosophy, poetry, rants and miscellaneous ramblings. Enter here only if you've a strong heart and a taste for things a bit odd and certainly unique.


An attempt to catalog the many appearances of Burden in interviews, prose and illustrations in print, and strange appearances.